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Blink HTML Email Templates

Blink: HTML Email Templates for small companies with big ambitions

Blink helps you send attractive and customer-centered emails that add value to subscribers. So they will remember you.

Blink is a set of pre-made HTML email templates that saves your team a lot of time and helps your company convert email slackers into real customers.

HTML Email Templates

Mailto: HTML Email Templates

Imagine yourself ready to deploy a new product tomorrow. Everything seems to be ready: you have arranged Product Hunt posting, prepared early bird discounts. Everything is ready… until you realize that you forgot about automated email distribution.

It sounds like a disaster because you have to create the template, find a smart guy to code, and check how it works with different mail agents (counts more than 50). All in all, it would add up another two weeks (minimum) to your rollout date.

That was what we have been suffering from until we got bored of it and ended up with our own responsive email templates kit with a pre-set design. This product is currently used by hundreds of customers all around the world, including us ourselves.

virtual personal assistant

Donetown: Dedicated Virtual Personal Assistants for Entrepreneurs and Small Teams

This project appeared just accidentally. One day we found ourselves buried under todo's and backlogs, suffocating from a constantly growing amount of small jobs. So we decided to hire a virtual assistant and pass on most of the recurring tasks. This solution helped us to squeeze out some precious time for more interesting jobs.

Time passed and finally we came up with a consistent methodology of hiring, teaching and proper task delegation to assistants. The procedure appeared to work so good that more and more of our partners asked us to help them with assistants as well.

It landed as a self-sustaining business, currently used by dozens of entrepreneurs and helping them to improve the yield of their business, saving time for more important tasks.

website widgets

Little Widgets: Pre-made Bootstrap Modals, Forms, Sidebars, Popups

Little Widgets contains 24 thoughtful, professionally designed HTML5/CSS3 website popups and widgets. These popups will help you to subscribe new audience on your website, share new content like blog posts and products, register new users.

UI Gradients

Colordrop: UI Gradients

Colordrop is a huge collection of 50 stunning ui gradients and backdrops to make your presentations look shiny and professional. These stunning backdrops you can use as a background to present your work. It'll bring a modern touch to your designs.

Compatible with Sketch App, Adobe Photoshop, HTML/CSS.

Instagram template

Storygram: Instagram Template Collection

Storygram bundle contains 5 products or 72 high-quality templates for Instagram Stories. The useful tool for influencers, bloggers, marketers, brands, and storytellers aims to help promote e-commerce products, share deals and announcements, attract the attention of your followers.

These templates are fully customizable and compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Sketch App.

Foculty: Learn How to Start a Startup with Step-by-Step Guides

Educational platform for entrepreneurs which provides free step-by-step manuals how to gain new useful skills.

We also run our blog about starting a business from scratch, attract first customers and start earning money.

Our strong belief is that entrepreneurs should not be moving blind, not knowing where to put their feet next. The task of this project is to set the business stage in a clear, easy-to-understand way.

Vladimir Kudinov. Product Design, UI, UX, Marketing. Fail Enhance
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